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Videos are a great way to add a personal touch to specific messages and topics. The videos that appear here center on various topics of interest to our existing clients as well as future clients. Feel free to share these videos with friends and family as well. Enjoy!

Our FEARless Retirement FORMula

There are many pieces to your retirement puzzle. Some come into play now and some much later. Because we are passionate about retirement, we developed and refined a process - the FEARless Retirement FORMula - to help guide your journey. 

FEARless Retirement FORMula Video (4:07)

Critical Financial Events

Financial planning is an ongoing process of preparing for and reacting to Critical Financial Events. Some are planned: purchasing your vacation home or sale of your business. While others are unexpected: birth of a grandchild or death of your spouse. Our resources and expertise help prepare you for such events, so you can achieve your financial lifestyle and retirement goals.

Critical Financial Events Video (2:51)

Gaining Proper Perspective

How should you measure investment performance during volatile times? It can be challenging and puzzling. Often times the best answer may be found in your perspective.

The Puzzle and Perspective (3:32)

Financial First Responders

Rarely, if ever, do you see financial emergencies coming - such as COVID-19. But when they do, it is important that we respond quickly and confidently to the needs of our clients.

Financial First Responder Video (3:09)

Financial Lemonade

Life can throw lemons at us from time-to-time. But, often there are opportunities amidst the lemons. Here we share a couple ideas of how to turn those opportunities into "financial lemonade!"

Financial Lemonade (3:32)


The 2020 CARES Act contains 880 pages and likely something that will interest you. Here we give a high-level look at several of the key provisions of the CARES Act.

CARES Act (3:23)